Colorful Eyeshadow Is Back From 80S Makeup


It’s amazing how history repeats itself and trends that fall out of fashion one year always seem to return a decade or two later with reinvigorated energy.  This is the case with colorful eye makeup.  Back in the 80s, many women walked the planet looking like tropical fish.  The entire spectrum of bright eye makeupoften showed up for one eye makeup application alongside thick bushy brows, bright fuchsia blush and a flawless matte complexion; all crowned by a glorious tower of teased out hair frozen with a half a can of hairspray.   When the 80s ended, many of us swore we were saying goodbye to thebright 80s makeup once and for all.  Of course, women from the 60s raised their over-tweezed brows in skepticism.  They had made the same proclamation 20 years earlier.

Today, we’re seeing a very interesting rebirth of the colorful eyeshadowthat evokes an unexpected fresh and youthful energy.  The colors aren’t packed on like they were in the eyeshadow looks of the80s and the finishes are more refined than ever before.  Let’s take a look at this exciting revival of colorful 80s eye makeup.

Tips for Bright, Colorful Eye Makeup Across the Rainbow

Here are a few tips for using bright eye colors:

  1. Don’t be afraid to use opposing colors on the same eye. For example, a copper and gold eye looks beautiful with a pop of bright green or blue eyeshadow in the center of it, directly above the iris of the eye. 
  1. When placing your colors, it is OK for them to mingle where they touch but don’t overlap so much that you neutralize one color with another. Remember that green neutralizes red, blue neutralizes orange, purple neutralizes gold and vice versa.  Place colors next to each other and just blend where they meet to soften lines of demarcation. 
  1. When doing your application, don’t place all the colors at once and then try to blend them at the end. Sometimes that can make you lose control and it ends up looking muddy.  Instead, apply each color as if it is the only color you’re going to use.  Blend it completely and then apply the next color for a perfect colorful eyeshadow look. 
  1. Start at your outer corners of the eyes and work gradually inward towards the nose. Your darkest colors typically look better on the outer eye while light colors like highlighters look better on the inner eye.  Your most shimmery or more saturated bright eyeshadows look best in the center of the lid directly above the iris of the eye. 
  1. Finally, don’t forget to tap the brush off to get rid of any excess before touching your eyes. This will help prevent fallout from ending up under your eyes. 

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