The Perfect Red Lip


I’ve had a passion for makeup most of my life.  I think it’s because I was raised by my grandparents and I grew up watching my grandmother put on her makeup every day.  She never walked out of the house without a well finished complexion and beautiful red lips.  She didn’t have to wear a lot of makeup.  She rarely wore eyeshadow or powder.  But her skin was always flawless, her cheeks were fresh, her brows were done and the red lip was always on point. 

Throughout history, the red lip has been a symbol of glamour and elegance.  During World War Two, many women gave up nylons and chocolate bars, but lipstick sales never wavered.  So how has this extraordinary trend survived the test of time?  Well it might possibly be because red lipstick is the perfect piece of iconography that represents confidence and upscale fashion without the necessity of a deep wallet.  Regardless of ethnicity, socio-economic background or personality, the crimson lip will most likely go down in the books a long side the little black dress as a top feminine favorite.  

As you weigh your options there are a lot of dynamics that people consider from skin undertone to skin depth.   But the most important thing to remember is that our lipstick isn’t necessarily meant to go with our skin tone, our clothes or anything else as much as it’s meant to go with our mood.  My recommendation is to find a red that looks pretty to you and try it for the day.  Wear it around and look at yourself in different lighting.  You might be surprised at what you pick.  Remember, it’s not about whether you can wear red lips or not.  It’s just about finding the right one.  Happy hunting!

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