How should nail care be maintained?


After finishing the nails, what should be the correct maintenance methods? This can help the nails last longer.

1. Daily habits

After the perfect nail is done, you should pay attention to the pressure habits of your fingers in your daily life. Try to replace your fingertips with your finger abdomen to reduce direct contact with your nails or use your nails as tools to reduce the chance of nail injury.

For example, be careful when handling heavy objects, opening doors, peeling fruits, and opening cans. Nails can easily break with fingertips.

People who often do housework at home often need to touch water and detergents for their hands, which can easily make their nails fall off and turn yellow. Try to wear gloves when doing housework, and then wash your hands carefully and keep your fingers dry. Prolonged exposure to hot water can also affect the durability of nails, such as hot springs or hot baths. Try to avoid contact with easily stained substances and corrosive chemicals.

Avoid nail contamination. Don't pick it by hand, otherwise it will not only cause the nail to fall off, but also may damage the nail itself.

2. Cleaning and maintenance

After the manicure, you should pay more attention to the cleaning of the nails, especially the front edge of the fingertips is easy to hide dirt. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the finger core. It is necessary to use short nails to wipe the contusion band as much as possible. Direct nail scissors can not control the strength, which is easy to cause nail fractures.

The newly grown dead skin can be trimmed by yourself. When a barb is long, don't pull it. Cut it off directly with nail clippers.

Apply nail polish and nail cream at the same time to keep the nails moisturizing and tough. Prepare a piece of sandpaper,

If the edge of the nail is slightly warped, use an emery stick to gently smooth it, do not use your fingers to pick it up.

3. Simple repair

When the nail polish or sticker jewelry appears to be warped, you can first apply gloss oil to stabilize it, and then go to the nail salon for professional repairs.

Due to the incompatibility of gloss and nail polish, they can only be repaired urgently and cannot be maintained for a long time, and they will eventually fall off.

Glue can be used to paste the small diamond ornaments when they fall off, and the large diamond ornaments fall off due to bumps, so you need to go to the store for professional repair. When the nail polish color appears a little worn and peeled off, the nail polish of the same color can also be used to repair it.

4. Reduce exposure to various irritants

Such as soap, organic solvents, etc. If you must come into contact with irritants, please try to wear protective gloves. If the nail is injured or broken, you can apply it with a nail repair cream on the market, once every other day.

5. If fairies are really good at digging and biting nails

This affects the normal development of nails, and even causes the finger nail plates to grow on both sides, burying the soft tissue to stimulate the nail groove, and cause nail groove inflammation or pyogenic granuloma, and the formation of "ingrown nails" affects the beauty. Therefore, we must quit these uncommon ones.

6. Try to bring as few artificial nails as possible

Wearable nails that can fall off at any time are popular some time ago, often due to poor nail ventilation, which makes the nails soft and prone to bacteria and mold reproduction. The most common odor is rotten. Experimental results show that if the humidity is less than 18%, it may also cause moderate defects in brittle nails and scaly fingers.

When your nails are broken, please go directly to the nail shop and ask the manicurist to perform professional nail repairs to help you repair the beautiful nails.

The above can only be used as a temporary repair method. If the nail is severely peeled off or broken, remember to go to the store for professional repair and care in time, maintain a good nail, and remove it in about 2-3 weeks!

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